Do you long to have the ability to be intimate with any man on the planet? Being able to flirt with a man as well as be intimate with him is one of the most amazing feelings anyone could ever feel. If you could let go of your inhibitions and be open to the unknown, you would feel like a sex machine. Don’t worry though. You CAN flirt and be intimate with ANY man on the planet if you take the time to learn some simple ways to do it and practice.

1 Never Be Alone Again

Never be alone as you get to learn how to flirt and become intimate. It’s amazing how getting to actually be with a man up close and personal actually causes you to feel a whole lot better about yourself. You must be ready to handle the rareness of getting to see him whenever you want, or having to check with him on appointment hours. There are times that you choose to be intimate with a man and some times that you don’t. Who cares! If you are having too much fun then you don’t need to be at home either!

2 Partner Up

Let’s say you have your eye on a great guy. You go out on a date previously or you are even just getting to the first meeting stage with a guy. Let’s say this guy also has an extremely responsive personal staff that is always there for him. He pays attention to you and never fails to notice the little things you do. There are only a handful of men that do this and those men are real winners. They are perfect partners. But do you know which one you are?

What if you and I partner up? Nothing will make a relationship end stronger than being with someone that is truly good for it. So the next time you meet a great guy, don’t just use flattery, use the power of partnership to become one with him. How do we do this? I’ll tell you the truth. Get on your cell phone and look at your caller ID. Is he calling himself as you please with the little black number on the base of your phone number? If he is, then you got a winner. This is a small detail, but it’s one of the ways you can be Intimate with anyone at any given time.

3 Speak replacement language

Replacement language is the language of the heart. “How much I love you.” “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Those aren’t the only ones? He has a huge repertoire, so use them.

4 Touch his heart

Here’s one you can’t do unless you are his best friend. The way to do this is to find a way to get into his mind. You must get inside his mind to really have a deep and emotional connection with him. One way to do that is to learn how to speak replacement language. The next time you are talking, say things that resonate with him and make a mental imprint of him inside his mind. He will feel connected to you because you have spoke his language (in a way that no one else can understand).