Would you like to stop making the same stupid mistakes in your quest to find a man and attract men? Would you like to know how to avoid these three big mistakes and attract a man in your life? Great! Now you can save yourself a lot of stress, anxiety and frustration, and you can attract men right now!


Here is a universal rule when it comes to attractions – no one is attracted to boring people. And Hollywood is determined to sell you on that concept. Downplaying your intelligence, making silly jokes and staggering Genghis Khanoesque pause times are definitely traits of the “great guy” ADDICTED to the endless tale of woe and doomed love.

Solves to “shame”

Some women have mastered the art of “shame” – appearing intriguing, mysterious and intriguing but almost TOOGradual, appearing to fall off the cliff in a perfect dance of secrets and cliff hangers. If you are done with the litany of charmers, intrigue and drama, and you want to capture the heart of a great guy, this is not the page you want to be on.

Low self esteem

This is another worldwide plague that is particularly frustrating to the single female everywhere. Some women believe they are not attractive enough, not smart enough, not nice enough, not sweet enough… yaddah! These types of women do not realize that there is a foolishness and insecurity in so many of them that kill the attraction – just like lack of self esteem and limited wants in the 80’s brought home the wrong men.

Highly opinionated

Let’s face it ladies – some of us just can’t help but have an opinion. My sister in Hong Kong is well educated and a fine elegant person, but she can’t get a date because she’s highly opinionated. The people she hang out with frequently complain about her “aggressive” nature, but she doesn’t understand why they obsess about her, since there are dozens more where she came from that are more qualified.

Of course, the crux of the whole issue is identifying the accusations and seeking to have a ministry. From my interactions with these types of women, I get the impression that they feel insecure, that they are suffering from poor self esteem, that they are plagued by negative thoughts, that they are insecure themselves and that they fear rejection. Another popular miss is that of the domineering woman’s situation. I have laid out the main points in another posts.

So, armed with this knowledge, how can we use our powers of observation to determine what’s going on in any woman?

I believe the answer is using the law of attraction which is really a universal law, but individuals vary in their understanding and application. For example, every guy believes that to attract women it’s necessary to be tall, chubby and handsome. None of these traits are waste products – they are essential ingredients to attract the right woman. Guess what a person who is having a lot of success with women is like…

Seriously, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a single man who has been married to a beautiful woman, and I’m convinced that the law of attraction has something to do with it. I’m not talking about the kind of relationship that ends in divorce, but a happy, long-term relationship with a woman who loves me, respects me and gives me the love, attention, time and commitment that I deserve.