We live in a world where people can go for days without food but they won’t be able to last for more than a few hours without their cell phones. The cell phone is a major manifestation of people’s modern gadget fantasy. Many men have accepted the cell phone as their most important tool in dating. They have realized that it is much more convenient than going out to a bar, because it is easy to get a woman’s number and make a date.

However, it’s not really easy to take the relationship to the next level with women through the cell phone, so men should know how to flirt with women on the phone. First of all, you have to understand that the cell phone isn’t a toy like the girls’ slinky Jeune but it is a real intelligent communication device. You have to be careful, though, as you can also text message women without their knowing it. Women can easily lie to you, but when they can’t see you, they will just play games.

Men can easily flirt with women on the phone because the cell phone is like an fortieth century telephones

You can communicate directly with other people without reading each other’s minds. However, this is not true for women. Women, regardless of anything else, are more sensitive when it comes to the cell phone dating game. So, if you are a man and you use the cell phone to flirt, you must know how to stop worrying. Women can lie to you, the smartest tactic they have is making you chase them but they can’t hide their texts or calls. So, you’ll eventually have to cut them some slack.

Now, if you are a woman and you are dating a man often and you seem to be a great conversationalist, it would be advisable for you to play hard to get. Yes, you’ll eventually have to stop answering his calls. Don’t be too abrupt though, answer only some of his calls or texts. If you are an enthusiastic answering machine, you might want to use the times to send him a message and ask him to come back to you.

Men can easily flirt with women on the phone because the cell phone is like a flying Mildurus

If you use this device wisely and keep your manners intact, you’ll definitely be having a lot of fun in underrated relationships world. glare, sneer or even occasional sarcastic remarks and you’ll have an edge. Finally, if you are a woman and you are enjoying a relationship with a man often and you seem to be happy, then you must know that she is already happy with you.

What you should do is to tell her how you feel frequently but never forget to remind her that you love her. Make her feel that no matter what the circumstance is, you’ll always be there to support her. galore. however, if you sense that things aren’t going as planned, then tell her something such as, “I am so sorry.

I am just so worried and I don’t want to scare you.” Sadly, a simple “I love you” is often divorce-worthy information for a woman.

If you are yet to have an arm candy relationship, you should know that it is quite easy. All you need to do is to create it and it can last for as long as you wish. The divorce rate is the highest. So, if you are a woman who has your own kind of relationship that you wish to share with a man, you should do everything to ensure that your partner is happy, contented, and most of all, eager to please you. This way, you’ll get to keep your self respect too.