3 Step Fast Track formula You Must Use

If you want to be the guy that gets the kind of women you want, without having to deal with losers and losers, you need to make changes. Believe it or not, despite how ugly guys are socially, when it comes down to decoding a woman’s psychology truly there are things they do that drive women wild. This is not some complex theory you must recite like some kind of geek, this is the simple way. Here is how to attract and seduce beautiful high quality women, using a 3 step fast track formula you must use:

1) Confidence

The building block for all successful seduction is confidence. knockout confidence, to be exact. Honest self-esteem, aka, cockiness doesn’t impress high quality women – it completely bores them to death. When you’re walking in the club, remember that, okay? Don’t be that guy who’s so self-conscious the whole time. Instead, have fun, wear some color, and approach people and start conversations.

2) The Return

Once you have displayed yourself as an unfeeling cool guy who doesn’t care about what others think, the hot girl is going to wonder why she hasn’t received any calls from all of these guys telling her how great she is. Chances are that guys like this have a fixed repertoire of responses to mundane questions, such as “Can I buy you a drink?” She’s probably laughing at them on the inside – but they’re definitely not getting laid.

3) Change

Regardless of the type of guy you are, you will change once you realize that all you need to do to get the kind of girl you want is change. Easier said than done, I know. Instead of staying the same and complaining about your situations, change whatever it is that’s preventing you from getting the kind of woman you know you deserve.

4 ) Succeeding

To have a shot at attracting and seducing beautiful women, you need to have a positive and productive attitude. constructive. You must have the vision to see yourself moving forward in a positive manner, with a direction you want. failure will be avoided, and success inevitable.

When you see yourself making strides towards becoming the man you want to be, know that you are on the right track. Ultimately, the man who succeeds, wins.

4) Mystery Men

In addition to super hot girls, you also need to have suckabineros to attract them. Specifically, a mysterious man exists because he has the power to influence the woman he wants, to want him, and therefore come to him. So the final piece is to combine all these pieces as a man – an alpha man. An alpha man has successful masculine social traits, a set of attractive masculine characteristics, a great sense of humor, and doesn’t hesitate to exert control.

He will always be number one in her eyes, and any woman who doesn’t have this combination will have to work, or compromise themselves to gain a man like this. In order to be the alpha man, a man must be able to sense when a woman is insecure, and he can achieve that sense of security by making her feel good about herself, and she will either feel attracted to him, protective of him, insecure, or repelled by him. It’s all in her sub-conscious.

So these are the three steps to attract and seduce beautiful high quality women. Work on your psychology, your self-esteem, and get the kind of life you want, and everything else will fall into place.